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Sauen PHP Surepay Library - Current version is 0.1.1 (GPL2)
A PHP Class with functions for submitting requests and decoding responses with SurePays merchant gateway service.
Current version supports: Standard Credit Card and TeleCheck requests: Surepay request DTD v1.0 --> pp.request, pp.auth, pp.address, pp.ordertext,, pp.telecheck, pp.identification, pp.lineitem, pp.option.
NOTE/FAQ: From Version 0.1.1 the API was drastically changed, so any application using a version prior is not upgradable without some changes.
You may download the latest version here.
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I also created a hack for PHPshop 0.6.1 to use SauSurePay to process creditcards and TeleCheck, read the docs here, download here, screenshot 1 & 2.

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