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It is not a whole lot here yet, just a few questions tha I get a lot:

? test.php doesn't work
! Does curl work on your server? Try <?php phpinfo(); ?> and see if there is any mention of curl in there, and if it says anything about SSL, LibSSL or OpenSSL within the same box.

? How do I install Curl and SSL
! You must be root to do that, ask your web hoster or admin to do it for you. describes how to do it.

? pp.ordertext gives me an error
Surepays pp.ordertext tag is a joke, it has specific types and a very limited length. MAX 25 CHARACTERS! My advice is not to use it.

? This looks very difficult and a lot of stuff, what is the least i need to do?
As of version 0.1.1 it became easier to use, everything is held in one class. The minimum needed steps required for a single CC request is

  • Add request
  • Add creditcard including billing address
  • Add Lineitems (at least one)
  • Prepare request
  • Submit request
  • Parse response
  • Check if response is AUTH or not.

All this is shown in the test.php, just copy it to a file of your own and delete everything you don't want. The Lib somewhat takes care of getting rid of things that could make an error, but some things like making sure any US state is using two-letter abreviation and such is your responsibility. If you don't want to do it yourself you can hire me to do it for you.

? Is it capable of doing more than one request at the time?
Yes, you can do as many AUTH request at the time as you whish. test.php adds two, one creditcard and one telecheck. Surepay does not recommend to do more than 20 at the time, depending on how many items you have per request.

? Does it work with shopping carts?
It is a class for implementation in any PHP application, so yes it can be used in any shopping cart system. However, the only shopping cart system that I am aware of having a ready solution is PHPshop v0.6.1, using a hack that is linked/downloadable below.

In general I recommend everyone to read the surepay SDK!

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I also created a hack for PHPshop 0.6.1 to use SauSurePay to process creditcards and TeleCheck, read the docs here, download here.

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